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 Standard title examination turnaround time is a fast 72 hours and rush title order requests will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. Inquire about obtaining a real estate title insurance discount for your first-time homebuyers.  Plus, discount real estate title insurance fees may apply for repeat borrowers.

Our goal at Wolph Title Inc. is to provide our valued network of real estate mortgage brokers and lenders individual sellers with high quality, cost effective real estate settlement service. As a result, you will be able to effectively market to, obtain, and maintain even the most price sensitive and demanding borrowers and purchasers.

The following is our standard and customary fee schedule, but it should be noted that there may some variation depending on the county:

Buyer/Borrower                                   Seller

Closing Fee                              $150.00                                               $75.00


Title Search                              $175.00 (Seneca, Hancock and Wood Counties)

                                                $250.00 (For All Other Counties)

Document Preparation Fee                               $  50.00 (Title Reports)

                                                                        $  75.00 (Deeds)

                                                                        $150.00 (Contracts)

                                                                        $  75.00 (Subordinations)


Title Insurance Binder                                     $  50.00 (Lender’s and Owner’s Policies)

Title Insurance

Lender’s Policy - $4.00 per thousand with adjustment over $150,000.00.

Owner’s Policy - $5.75 per thousand with adjustment over $150,000.00.

                                                                                    Residential                   Commercial

Endorsements:             EPL                  $75.00 *  $50.00            $250.00

                        Comprehensive                        $150.00                         $150.00

Survey Exception Deletion        $50.00 *  $25.00            $25.00

Condo                                      $50.00

·         *Bundle rate available when used in conjunction with a comprehensive endorsement.

·         Other endorsements with rates available.

Closing Protection Coverage for Lender $35.00.

Mortgage Location Surveys $160.00 and up depending on county requested.

Bond/Accounting Fee of $25.00.

Courier/Copy Fees $18.65 per overnight item (Package, Payoffs, Proceeds); Incoming Wire Fee $12.00 and $18.00 outgoing Wire Fees; Postage $4.00 and up per U.S. mail out.

Recording Fees: $28.00 for the first two pages and $8.00 per additional page.

Conveyance/Transfer Fees: Rates mandated by the county (rates differ by county).

We offer weekend and after hours closings, including going to customers’ homes.